Training Courses on EC funding programmes
MarkMar conducts dedicated training courses for supporting participation in EC funding programmes. These can be offered as special in house courses or by hosting open training workshops. The course content focuses on the following topics:

  • Proposal concept development and writing of the proposal,
  • Contract negotiations
  • Research project management, including report writing and financial issues
  • Consortium agreements, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR),
  • Financial issues in EC funded contracts and general proposal follow up in Management Reports and audit Certificates.

MarkMar has hosted in collaboration with the Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) several coures on funding opportunities in the previous EC framework programmes. For Horizon 2020 new courses have been developed for clients interested in writing successful proposals meeting the H2020 challenges.  More details regarding H2020 can be found through the link to the Research Participants Portal.

H2020 Proposal Services
Proposal preparation and consortium building should start as soon as possible after identifying topics of interest. For SMEs opportunity exists to deliver a single participant’s proposal and a rapid process is provided by the facilitation of the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME).

  • Proposals are highly competitive and your proposal needs to surpass the opposition if you want it to be successful and obtain funding. MarkMar has extensive expertise to assist with your proposal
  • We assist and advise you on proposal conception, structure and the road map towards project preparation and submission. We support you in the project preparation, including the construction of the project consortium, practical help in proposal writing and preparation of the administrative elements of the project, including the financial budget. We fine-tune your project towards the research policies behind the call addressed.

Research Project Management
The active project management service provided by MarkMar as a project partner or a third party contractor to the coordinator will provide:

  • Integrated as managing partner in your consortium, MarkMar takes the burden of project bureau administration, and are on your side, from the initial negotiations with the EU Commission to the last scientific report and financial audit.
  • Support you in dissemination and knowledge management towards a successful transfer of science to market.
  • Compilation of all periodic and final reports for the Commission.
  • Liaise with the EC project officers on all additional consortium requirements.
  • Financial and administrative tasks management.

Successful project management requires frequent contact with partners to facilitate the progress of the project according to the work plans, and to ensure that all work is done to the highest standard. MarkMar will actively encourage the development of relationships between partners to ensure successful conclusion of every project.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us: markmar(at)