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MarkMar identifies possible sources of research funding, and provides expertise to help partners to prepare and manage their collaborative research proposals and projects in the European Commission’s Framework Programmes, now Horizon Europe, LIFE, Innovation Fund etc., as well as in the Nordic and Icelandic RTD support programmes.

MarkMar can undertake the entire process of developing a research proposal; from defining the idea, building a consortium, submitting a research proposal, negotiating a contract, and finally, to manage the project in collaboration with the project consortium.

In H2020 we have already aceived success in a number of projects, both for SMEs and larger clients. Visit our News page for details.

The company aims to bring together all the necessary elements, knowledge and research developments required to establish the market potential for each project, and provide expertise in finding venture funding partners.

Each project will deliver the concept closer to the market; define the process, products, and the necessary R&D to bring it to a financially viable stage. Those coming on board a project concept with knowledge, funding and other resources will through a consortium agreement decide on the sharing ratio of IPR rights prior to its launch.

MarkMar also provides consulting services for:

  • Development of innovation concepts for R&D, and product development,
  • Product development cycle to a marketable product,
  • Support exploitation of results through facilitation with venture capital sources in the marketplace,
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System development and preparation for certification.


Having worked closely with Sigi and MarkMar on several projects, including a large EC funded project that spanned several countries, with partners from multiple disciplines, I can attest to Sigi's project management skills, ability to diplomatically bring together groups with differing agenda in order to get them to work together effectively to meet project end goals, and to bring his technical experience and skills to his work to the benefit of stakeholders. Aside from that, he's a great guy, making it a real pleasure to work with him on both a personal and professional level.
Sunil Kadri
I have worked with Sigurdur G Bogason for over 15 years on numerus projects and project proposals. He is always highly professional in all his work, supplies precise consultancy and critical input when needed. Sigurdur has helped us and the partnership of GEORG to land close to 30M€ in EU and domestic funding. He has a wide knowledge of the European funding organization and knows how to construct proposals to show its full impact and excellence for the highest score possible. Sigurdur also worked for me at GEORG as the Chief Project Officer of the H2020 project DEEPEGS, where he showed his excellent project management skills in sometimes tough and critical situations. Sigurdur is an excellent guy to work with, talented, resourceful, and solution-driven individual.
Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson
I have worked with Sigurdur G. Bogason on numerous EU project applications and in project management. This experience has been extremely good. Sigurdur G. Bogason is highly professional in all his work and working with him has always been a pleasure. He has provided guidance at critical moments and ensured the quality of the work provided in the projects.
Gunnar Haraldsson

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