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MarkMar has access to extensive international network of expertise, and in particular in house know-how about the European Research Framework Programmes.
The available expertise ranges from basic research to applied product developments, as well as dissemination, exploitation and marketing of research project results.

The Senior partner in MarkMar and the CEO, Sigurður Bogason has a PhD in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University (1984), USA. He obtained a BSc In Food Science from the University of Iceland in 1980.

He worked as a Scientific Officer for the European Commission from 2000 to 2004, and gained extensive knowledge of the European Framework Research Programmes, and the EC institutions.

Sigurdur has more than 30 years professional experience within the international seafood industry, having worked as a R&D and Group Development manager for the largest Icelandic Fish marketing and exporting companies.
He gained experience in a developing country when he was appointed as the first Managing Director and CEO of FISHCOR LTD in Namibia from 1993 to 1995.

Since 2007 Sigurdur has held a part time position as the leader of the Applied Supply Chain Systems (ASCS) Research Group. The ASCS is part of the Ind. Eng, – Mech. Eng, and Computer Science faculty of the School of Natural Sciences at Univeristy of Iceland. For further information visit this link,

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